What is this buhdge of which you speak?


buhdge is a pop culture juggernaut, raging fiercely through the tangled media net to get to the bottom of that which we hold dear: our favorite new and old music, movies, television shows, books and assorted this-and-that. Or, buhdge is the place to go when no one else will have you. Barring that, buhdge is a state of mind. But what state? Who's behind it? And why aren't they in front of it?

buhdge is built, brick by brick (thanks to a template from tony pires), by lifelong pop culture fan Alan Haber, whose web presence was first felt with the internationally-acclaimed Pure Pop radio show and web site (we're not certain about "internationally acclaimed," but we are being paid by the word). Burnt, toasted and unable to load another CD into the changer or write another review, Haber took to early retirement in the fall of 2000, observing the sixties and seventies-influenced pop music scene from the sidelines, or, at least, the basement, where he listened to tapes.

Now, from that very basement, comes buhdge, which builds on the traditions set forth in the Pure Pop era while extending coverage to other kinds of music and movies, television, and the printed word. News events and celebrity doings, too.

What does buhdge mean? Can you tell me about Haber's music collection? His favorite food? Here is a short q&a, with answers from Haber himself, to answer these and other questions you've never thought of asking:

Q: What does buhdge mean?
A: You'd be shocked, I know, to find that almost every word in the dictionary has become a domain name, and most of those domain names are reserved by cyber squatters who have no intention whatsoever of ever using them. They will, however, sell them to you for millions of dollars. I wanted to use one word to identify the site--a strong, aggressive-sounding word. Every one I wanted to go with had already been reserved. I liked the word budge. But budge was already taken. buhdge wasn't (well, it isn't a word, so there you go). I decided to use buhdge. Why? Well, I am known to be somewhat opinionated and won't often budge from my viewpoint, no matter how persuasive the argument from the other side. Until I've had a snack, that is. Then, I'm open for just about anything.

Q: Why use a name that has nothing to do with pop culture?
A: See above. It's my revenge, served cold.

Q: What exactly does buhdge cover?
A: Music, movies, television, books, and a variety of pop culture topics.

Q: Isn't that a lot to handle?
A: Not if you're using both hands.

Q: Are you going to write everything seen on this site?
A: Pretty much, although I will invite the odd writer to contribute, which is not to say writers are odd, although it has been said that one has to be a bit odd to sit in a room by himself or herself and type.

Q: Why is that odd?
A: Have you ever seen anyone do it? Usually, they have this look of desperation on their faces. They start to have trouble relating to people, since they never see them. You tend to develop somewhat of a complex if you hang around the office water cooler and discuss yesterday's game with yourself. And if you talk back to yourself, well, there's a sign, if you know what I mean.

Q: Did you see yesterday's game?
A: I didn't have time. I was typing.

Q: Who is your favorite recording artist? What is your favorite TV show? Your favorite author?
A: I don't have any favorites. They're all my children.

Q: I thought you didn't like All My Children.
A: True. I was a Days of Our Lives fan, mostly because of that wacky hourglass, which never seemed to run out. A virtual hourglass--now there's a piece of pop culture weirdness for you.

Q: How large is your record collection?
A: Large enough to know better.

Q: What kinds of music do you collect?
A: All kinds, but mostly those that will have me.

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: I'm diabetic, so the correct answer is low-fat, low-carb delectables. Barring that, hot dogs, with mustard and onions.

Thanks for reading.

Alan Haber
(Revised) June 27, 2009