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Circus Days box set
Longplayer Longplayer
Mark Bacino Queens English
Seth Swirsky Watercolor Sky
Strangefinger Into the Blue
True Margrit The Juggler's Progress
Peter and the Penguins How to Choose a Sweetheart
The Shadow Kabinet Smiling Worlds Apart
Justin and Tomek i need to ep
The Doughboys Act Your Rage
The Rubinoos Biff-Boff-Boing!
The Squires of the Subterrain Daisy Sunglasses: The Early Days
Jamie & Steve English Afterthoughts
Pat Walsh Lost EP
The SpongeTones Scrambled Eggs
Roger Klug More Help for Your Nerves

Ken Sharp Sonic Crayons
Frank Lee Sprague Traditional Carols Arranged As Traditional Rock Songs
Jackdaw4 Bipolar Diversions
The Eagles Long Road Out of Eden
Ringo Starr Photograph: The Very Best of Ringo Starr
Evan Hillhouse Evan Hillhouse
Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs Under the Covers Vol. 1
Jeff Larson Swimming in the Make Believe
Mitch Linker America
Charlotte Kendrick I Get Stupid
The Association Waterbeds in Trinidad
Jamie Hoover Lind Me Four
Johnny Lloyd Rollins Let's Be Poor Together
Katie Goes to Tokyo Katie Goes to Tokyo
Frank Lee Sprague Fulton Avenue
Frank Lee Sprague Concerto for Violin with Orchestra
Chris Brown Now That You're Fed
Ray Davies Thanksgiving Day EP
Snacks United Nations of Snacks
Frank Lee Sprague Cavern
Christmas 2005 CD Roundup, starring Brian Wilson's What I Really Want for Christmas, The Butties' 12 Greatest Carols, Paul Revere and the Raiders' A Christmas Present...And Past, , The Bellrays' Merry Christmas from the Bellrays, The Roches' We Three Kings, and Jeff Larson's beautiful song "(When Your) Christmas Fades"
The Sprague Brothers Best of the EssBee CDs
Frank Lee Sprague Piano Quartet and Orchestral Suite
bicycle, tricycle
Real As You Believe
XTC "Say It" and "Spiral"
Katie Goes to Tokyo Moving from This Town and Until She Breaks EPs
Mancino Dear International

Millbrook Cathedrals
Millbrook Confessionals

Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team
Mitch Linker Mitch Linker

True Margrit Seaworthy
Jeff Larson Two Part Confessional
Paul McCartney Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

Hal Hal
Karmatruffle, the Fame, 2nd Day Crush, Locksley, and Herbert & Howat EP Roundup
Fountains of Wayne Out-of-State Plates
Andy Partridge Fuzzy Warbles Volumes 5 and 6
Richard Orange Big Orange Sun
Eddie Angel Eddie Angel Meets the Beatles
Klaatu Sun Set 1973-1981
Ringo Starr Choose Love
Steve Robinson Away for the Day
Hussalonia Ernest Evans Hussalonia (Hussalonia No. 0001)

Weezer Make Believe
The Shadow Kabinet HARK!
Amiel Accidents by Design
Marnie Ann Let Me Go
Hussalonia Charles Hardin Hussalonia (Hussalonia No. 0003)
Dane Petersen More Than a Day's Work
Caeser Bach Caeser Bach
The Rubinoos Crimes Against Music and More Crimes Against Music
Hussalonia The Hussalonia Robot Singers (Hussalonia No. 0002)
Fritz Doddy The Feeling of Far
Herbert and Howat 8-1-2-1-9-8-0 and the Liverpool Days EP
Kenny Herbert The Last Song in Abbey Road
Venice Pacific Standard Time
Percy "Thrills" Hussalonia Hussalonia
Pop is Art ...In the Beginning...
Brady Harris Lone Star
Sparkwood Jalopy Pop
Patrik Tanner Soft
Jeffrey Scott Last Rites for a Dying Heart
The SpongeTones Number 9
David Grahame Shout Heard 'Round the World
Johnnie Mazzer Before the Storm
Michael Flynn no disassemble
Muller and Patton Muller and Patton
Ben Patton Here's the Good News Album
Dwayne and Jeff Rubber and Glue and Cooties in Heavy Syrup
Vinyl Kings Time Machine
The A.M. Band Eight Hit Wonders

The Wilson Hospital Medication for a Lost Generation
Gallagher and Lyle Willie and the Lapdog, The Last Cowboy and Love on the Airwaves
Chris Powers
Chris Powers and last exit EPs
Silver Sun Disappear Here
Frank Lee Sprague Merseybeat
Walter Clevenger and the Dairy Kings Full Tilt & Swing
The Vinyl Kings A Little Trip
Jeremy Pop Dreams and Lost and Found
Herb Eimerman & i you and Same Wish
Phil Angotti Juliette Foster
Seth Swirsky Instant Pleasure
The American Professionals Faking It
Andrew Gold Andrew Gold, What's Wrong With This Picture?, All This and Heaven Too, and Whirlwind (2005 Collectors' Choice Music reissues)
Andrea Perry Saturday Morning Sweet Shoppe and Two

Jon Brion I Heart Huckabees (soundtrack)
Ed James Big Time
Rusty Anderson Undressing Underwater
Jeffrey Foskett Stars in the Sand

Ron Dante Saturday Night Blast
David Grahame Eric
Michael Carpenter Rolling Ball
the breetles don't smile

Wheat per second, per second, per second... every second,and an Aware/Columbia band sampler

brokenNess (Regan Lane) ICU in Dandylions
Bob Burger Cymbals at Dawn
Compilations: It Was 40 Years Ago Today: A Tribute to the Beatles and Beatlemania/Volume 1 (Mojo magazine/September 2004)

Jamie Hoover and Bill Lloyd Paparazzi
Jamie Hoover Hoo-Ever
John Hoskinson Miscellaneous Heathen
Bill Lloyd
Back to Even
Mark Wirtz Learning to Live with Love


Good gosh, these discs are melodic gold!