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emitt rhodesEmitt Rhodes was one of pop music's early, post-Beatles heroes. Recording his albums alone, at home, he poured his heart and soul into three solid albums full of great, melodic pop songs, and then promptly hung up his guitar. He (and his mother, a former country music singer) appeared on the March 20, 1997 Pure Pop radio show. (1:24:30) listen!





xtc's andy partridge

xtc!Arguably the most comprehensive, longest and revealing interview ever given by XTC's Andy Partridge, one of Swindon, England's favorite sons. Covering the breadth of XTC's catalog, the various controversial events occurring during the band's existence, the Fuzzy Warbles series, and Andy's desire to write an opera, among other topics, the 15 segments add up to more than 1:40 of prime Partridge.

Part 1 listen!, Part 2 listen!, Part 3 listen!, Part 4 listen!, Part 5 listen!, Part 6 listen!, Part 7 listen!, Part 8 listen!,

Part 9 listen! , Part 10 listen! , Part 11 listen!, Part 12 listen!, Part 13 listen!, Part 14 listen!, Part 15 listen!



graham gouldman and kevin godley (10cc, gg06)

10cc!10cc's Graham Gouldman and Kevin Godley are back as the duo GG06. Their news songs, for sale here, are simply fantastic, as good as anything they ever performed when they were in 10cc. They spoke to Pure Pop's Alan Haber on two consecutive occasions:
July 22 and July 29, 2006.

The July 22, 2006 (42:51 total) interview is presented in three parts:

Part 1 listen!, Part 2 listen!, Part 3 listen!

The July 29, 2006 interview (76:47 total) is presented in 4 parts:

Part 1listen! , Part 2listen! , Part 3listen! , Part 4listen!


interview: don dixon

don dixonDon Dixon, ace, soulful pop singer; multi-instrumentalist; legendary producer of such heritage bands as R.E.M. and the Smithereens, and all-around nice guy slid into the guest chair, via telephone hookup, on the May 25th edition of Pure Pop. On the agenda: Don's awesome new album with the SpongeTones' Jamie Hoover and the great drummer Jim Brock. The trio, trading as Don Dixon & the Jump Rabbits, deliver the pop goods with the instant classic long-player, The Nu-Look. Also noted and chatted-up: Don's lovely album with wife Marti Jones, Lucky Stars: new lullabies for old souls. listen


interview: scott brookman

scott brookman attacks!A one-of-kind songwriter and performer, Scott Brookman is blessed with a melodic sense and sense of playfulness that make his creative and clever pop songs so much fun to listen to. Scott's latest album, A Song for Me, A Song for You, is a great place to begin your investment in Brookman-mania. Scott brought his guitar into the sumptuous Pure Pop studios, where he played a number of incredibly wonderful tunes. Unfortunately, we can't post them for you to listen to here, thanks to the ridiculous rules that we Internet folks must adhere to, but we can show you Scott in action. Feast on these pix, and hear the sans-music interview. And, as always, please enjoy. listen!


interview: nelson bragg

nelson bragg's day into nightPercussionist and musician and songwriter extraordinaire Nelson Bragg talked about his wonderful album Day Into Night on the April 13 edition of Pure Pop. Due to an unfortunate studio glitch, the first half of the interview was not recorded. The second half, during which Nelson took listeners behind-the-scenes of the writing and recording of the gorgeous song "Death of Caroline" and sounded off about people's music listening habits in a download world, is presented here. listen!


interview: thomas walsh's top pop

pugwash's 11 modern!If Pure Pop were a 10 hour show, I would have Thomas Walsh, aka Mr. Pugwash, on for the whole 10 hours. This man can tell a story, let me tell you. He can also talk about the great pop songs that have enriched his life, and that is exactly what he does during this wide-ranging, passionate back-and-forth. Songs and stories--what a way to spend a couple of hours! This is one for the ages. I hope you enjoy it. listen!


interview: russ giguere

...and then along comes the association!The Association, in their classic years, could not be beat for some of the most stirring vocal harmonies in popular music. Variously a six or seven man band, all members sang, wrote, played and gave their all, more than earning their place at the top of the sunshine pop heap. The group's Russ Giguere called in to the Pure Pop radio show for a quick talk with Alan before a show they were playing on August 30, 1997. listen!


interview: jeffrey foskett

jeffrey foskett's cool!Master of the melodic Beach Boys style and indispensable pop icon Jeffrey Foskett has appeared many times on Pure Pop. I'm partial to his very first appearance from July 9, 1997. Jeffrey's stories of playing on the road with the Beach Boys, and meeting Brian Wilson, are highlights of this lively conversation, but there's a whole lot more to the man. Discover the inner Jeffrey Foskett, pop genius, right here. Bonus audio: There is a short section at the end of this interview that comes from another appearance, but it is not dated. Nonetheless, it's a great, lively listen. listen!


interview: the spongetones

the spongetones' too clever by halfThree of the fabulous SpongeTones--Jamie Hoover, Steve Stoeckel and Pat Walters--gathered around their Alexander Graham Bellophones to chat about the group's awesome new album, Too Clever by Half. More fun on a Sunday afternoon you could not possibly have. listen!


interview: thomas walsh

pugwash's 11 modern antiquitiesThe patron saint of Pugwash, Thomas Walsh, proves to be a lively storyteller and a fun guest on the March 30 edition of the Pure Pop radio show. Thomas walks listeners through the hall-of-fame-worthy songs of Eleven Modern Antiquities in a wide-ranging, hour-long chat that turns out to be his first American radio interview. We were thrilled to have him!
Part One: listen! Part Two: listen!


interview: andy goldberg (the goldbergs)

the goldbergs!Andy Goldberg knows his straight-ahead pop, let me tell you. Even better, let Andy tell you, as he talks about the Goldbergs' new album, Under the Radar, and the records he recorded with the glorious Sun Kings. The action happened on the March 16 edition of Pure Pop. listen!



interview: peter & the penguins

peter and the penguins!If Peter and the Penguins, Norway's hot Merseybeat-style combo, were plying their rocking trade back in the sixties, they'd certainly be creating some Merseybeat heat in the famed club. For fans of Merseybeat, the Penguins are the it band of the moment. Singer/songwriter Eyvind Lindberg talked about the band on the March 9 edition of Pure Pop. listen!



interview: the rubinoos

the rubinoos' paleophonicWay back when, on the occasion of the release of the Rubinoos' Paleophonic album, Tommy Dunbar and the group's namesake Jon Rubin spoke to Alan live from Los Angeles. A couple of tracks from the album were played during the interview--their first spins on any radio show! Travel on back to 1999 for this exclusive classic interview from the Pure Pop radio show. listen!




interview: chris earl (the squires of the subterrain)

the squires of the subterrain

Chris Earl, working in his Rochester, New York basement, round the clock, day and night, to and fro, is turning out some of the most inventive, melodic, DIY pop this side of upstate New York. Well, any side, really--wherever you live, Chris's alter-ego, the Squires of the Subterrain, are about as good as it gets. Surrounded by boxes of laundry that sorely needed folding, Chris spoke with Alan on the March 2 edition of Pure Pop. listen!



interview: dee long

dee long (klaatu)We continue to bring you interviews with pop's biggest stars--interviews you can only listen to here. Klaatu's Dee Long spoke with Alan on the Pure Pop radio show on August 15, 1998, on a show that also included guest spots from the SpongeTones' Jamie Hoover and the Bobbies' Kenny Cruz and Mickie Bliss. Dee's spot lasted about half an hour; here is a rather charming, scoped version of that interview. listen!


interviews: three from '99: ron dante (10/23/99), hans rottenberry (the shazam)

(10/16/99), randell kirsch (the pranks) (04/03/99)

ron dante's favoritesCan there possibly be a fan of pop music who doesn't know the name Ron Dante? Besides singing on at least two bonafide classic pop records--The Archies' "Sugar Sugar" and The Cuff Links' "Tracy"--Ron also famously produced the first albums by Barry Manilow. This is the first of two appearances Dante made on Pure Pop, this one from October 23, 1999. listen!


the shazamNashville's the Shazam continues to produce sterling power pop that's heavy on the melodies and hooks. The group's Hans Rotenberry appeared on Pure Pop to talk about the release of Godspeed the Shazam on October 16, 1999. listen!


randell kirschWhen your resume includes stints and sessions with Jan and Dean, the Beach Boys, and the Cowsills, you really shouldn't need much of an introduction. However, in case you're not familiar with the great Kirsch, here is his appearance on Pure Pop from April 3, 1999. listen!



interview: andy liotta (the billie burke estate) (1/27/08)

the billie burke estatesThe Billie Burke Estate's let your heart break is as good as thoughtful pop music gets. Better, even. BBE's main man, Andy Liotta, has created a song cycle embodying just about every human emotion imaginable; let your heart break is a tour de force you will not soon forget. Andy poured his heart out on the January 27th edition of Pure Pop. listen!



interview: jackdaw 4's willie dowling (11/04/07)

jackdaw 4's bipolar diversionsJackdaw4's Bipolar Diversions may well be 2007's best pop album. Incredibly rich and aurally diverse, this is the band's White Album. The band's multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Willie Dowling guested on the November 4, 2007 edition of Pure Pop. listen!





interview: richard "richie" x. heyman (the doughboys, 11/11/07)

the doughboys!Richard "Richie" X. Heyman is well known for his sterling solo career, which includes the classic albums Living Room and Actual Sighs. But did you know he's also the drummer in the hot rockin' Doughboys? Hear all about this slammin' beat group, straight out of the garages of New Jersey, in this interview from the November 11, 2007 edition of Pure Pop. Hey, Zacherle give the Doughboys the Cool Ghoul seal of abooval! listen